Ryan Mekenian
Screenwriter/Director + Producer

For LA natives living in the early 1900s, bicycles and streetcars shared the road as our primary modes of transportation. But the arrival of the freeway effectively wiped them out. 

Today, a collective of cycling communities fight for protected bike lanes and road safety, determined to bring about a new era of Mobility Justice to the city. 

Watch the Trailer.

Narration By Jeremy Sisto

JEREMY SISTO is an actor, writer, and producer known for his roles in the films Clueless, Thirteen, & Waitress, and the TV shows Six Feet Under,  Law & Order, FBI, & Suburgatory, the latter of which he was nominated for Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. 

"Brilliantly celebrates L.A. riders and indeed an ever-growing community of cyclists." - UK Film Review

Award Winner

Best Doc Short First Prize, Rhode Island International Film Festival (2021)
Best Documentary Short, Annapolis Film Festival (2023)
Best Film for Change, Bolton International Film Festival (2021)
Golden Helmet, Filmed By Bike Film Festival (2021)
Virginia Dares Cinematic Arts Award for Decolonizing/Re-Indigenizing Media (2020)
Better Cities Film Festival  (2020)

Official Selection

American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase / Cannes Film Festival (2022)
Edmonton International Film Festival (2021)
Bogotá Short Film Festival (2021)
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (2022)
Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival (2021)
Santa Fe International Film Festival (2022)

For a complete list of festivals and awards and distribution information, please contact Sandrine Cassidy at cassidy@cinema.usc.edu.

What is Mobility Justice? 

Mobility justice is the right to safe, accessible, and equitable transportation for all, regardless of race, class, legal status,ability, gender, or age. It recognizes that transportation is not just about moving from point A to B, but about how we are socially controlled in public spaces. Mobility justice seeks to end discrimination in transportation regulation and accommodation, and to create a world where everyone can travel freely and safely.

What is Transportation Equity? 

Transportation equity means ensuring fair access to transportation resources for everyone, prioritizing those historically disadvantaged. It involves holding government agencies accountable to their commitments on environmental justice and transit equity.

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