Ryan Mekenian
Screenwriter/Director + Producer

The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair

In the 1980s, in Long Beach, California, a Vietnam vet looking for meaning in his life after the way builds a flying machine out of weather balloons and a lawn chair. But as the dogged pursuit of his dream consumes his life, his relationship with his fiancée hangs in the balance, forcing them to navigate ambition and love. 

Inspired by the inventive genius of Larry Walters and Carol Van Deusen.

“A one-of-a-kind, brilliant script with an amazing premise” that’s “so well-executed that it’s easy to imagine this turned into a critical and commercial success.” -The Black List

Quarterfinalist, Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, 2022

Winner, Screenwriting Discovery Award Grand Prize, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2021

Black List Recommended

Finalist, Fresh Voices, 2021-22

Finalist, Creative World Awards, 2022

Finalist, San Francisco IndieFest Screenplay Competition, 2022

Finalist, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards, 2021

Finalist, Burbank International Film Festival, 2022

Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Feature Competition, 2021

Semifinalist, Page International Screenwriting Awards, 2023

Semifinalist, Fimmatic Inroads Fellowship

Quarterfinalist, Richmond International Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2022

Quarterfinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, 2022

Dragon's List, Wales International Film Festival, 2023

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